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GLITCHOFMIND, also known as Leonel Piccardo, is a photographer and 3D visual artist originally from the Dominican Republic and now based in Amsterdam. His unique artistry celebrates the power of storytelling, deeply influenced by his rich heritage and personal experiences. Leonel seamlessly blends character and costume design with editorial digital fashion, creating captivating and surreal visual narratives.
Utilizing cutting-edge digital tools, GLITCHOFMIND employs photography, 3D/VR sculpting, AI, and more to reinvent past narratives and explore themes of identity and fantasy. His innovative digital fashion creations have been showcased at prestigious events worldwide, including London Fashion Week 2023 and Art Basel Miami 2022, as well as exhibitions in Montreal, Amsterdam, The Algarve, Rome, Paris, Beijing, Korea, and New York.
Leonel's compelling work has been featured in prominent publications such as Forbes, Vogue, NFTnow, and CyberMagazine. His artistic journey continues to push the boundaries of both art and fashion, merging digital innovation with the raw beauty of his heritage and identity.

- INTERL​ôR X SYKY, Art Basel Miami, USA ● INTERL​ôR Prelude OPENSPACE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  2020 - LocGlitch, Flint Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ● The Wild, NeverNeverLand Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ● BlackQueerLove, The BlackArchives, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Digital Heritage, curated for Superrare Platform, USA
2022 DISRUPT_ Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2021 CRYPTObending, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mapping The New Normals, Superchief + NFC Naples, Italy ● The Garden - SHILLR + Superchief - New York, USA ● FUTURE FRONT ROW Flanders Technology And Innovations, Antwerp, Belgium ● Mapping The New Normal Grand Palais Paris, France ● SYKY Worlds Collide London Fashion Week London, England ● Purity Dolls - UNIT LONDON Gallery London, England ● NFT NEW YORK GALLERY NYC, USA


SYKY x British Fashion Council: Worlds Collide London Fashion Week, UK ● PROUDLY ENCODED 0x_Society Montreal, Canada ● BLOCKDOWN EXHIBITION The Algarve, Portugal ● MONA XPR3SSN 2 Mona Gallery, Metaverse ● Love Is Louder X Ninfa NinfaLab, Rome, Italy ● MAKERSPLACE X Bloom Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Lisbon, Portugal ● ENSO COLLECTIVE Enso Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal ● HATA + Prague Blockchain Paralelní Polis, Prague, Czech Republic ● Art Connect X Korean NFT X LAVAN Lavan Midtown, New York, USA ● DUTCH Art Collective OpenSpace Cryto Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ● Boring Festival Schuur Teathre, Haarlem, The Netherlands


MetaPride + PlanetPride Avant Gardner, Brooklyn Mirage, New York, USA ● Art Basel Refractions Event, NFTNow Gateway, ARTnFolly + ZoraTopia MIAMI, USA ● DISRUPT_ (CURATOR) Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands ● NFT ART 101 Guangdong Art Cente, Korea ● CRYPTObending (CURATOR) Rotterdam, The Netherlands


STRATOSPHERE ART ZONE, BEIJING, China ● Sonsbeek 20-24 Stadsvilla Arnhem, The Netherland ● Bitcoin Conference Miami, USA Zwarte Beweging OBA Librery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
100 Hug Artist To Watch, 2024
Cactus Mag, 2023 (Cover)
NFTnow, 2023
Forbes, 2023
Vogue, 2023
Blockster, 2023
CyberMagazine, 2023
Vogue Business, 2023
GlitchMagazine, 2023
Red-Eye, 2023
The Blkchain, 2023
JingDaily, 2023
Elsewhere Art, 2023
Buenos Dias, 2023
African Digital Art, 2022
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