GlitchOfMind (Leonel Piccardo) is a photographer and 3D visual artist based in the Netherlands. Originally from the Dominican Republic, his artistic journey began when he moved to Amsterdam. With a focus on portraiture and visual storytelling, photography work that has been exhibited through several location in The Netherlands.

His artwork celebrates the power of storytelling, drawing inspiration from his heritage and personal experiences. Through captivating images that blend storytelling, character, and costume design, GlitchOfMind creates a profound sense of connection between the viewer and his art.

As a queer Afro-Latino, GlitchOfMind's work explores themes of identity and heritage, using visual symbolism and allegories to transport viewers to a world without boundaries. His body of work has been showcased in galleries around the world, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression. 
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Beyond his exhibitions, GlitchOfMind has also curated and co-curated groundbreaking showcases, shining a light on talented queer artists in the Web3 Digital Art Space.

Since entering the Web3 space in 2021, GlitchOfMind has focused on 3D sculpting and digital fashion design, experimenting with cutting-edge technologies like VR sculpting, AR, and AI. He pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, crafting unique patterns and textures for his elaborate garment designs.

GlitchOfMind's artistic journey continues to captivate hearts and minds, with his awe-inspiring creations leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art.

As of June 23, GlitchOfMind has been selected as 1/10 Digital Designer to joing the The SYKY Collective: 10 digital designers from around the world who are poised to disrupt the fashion industry through technological and creative innovation. These talented designers have been carefully selected through an application process, and we believe that each of their visions for the future symbolizes a pivotal moment in the evolution of the fashion industry.

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