GlitchOfMind (F.K.A. Leonel Piccardo) is a visual artist and photographer based in the Netherlands. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he began his photography journey after moving to Amsterdam, focusing on portraiture and storytelling. Over time, inspired by surrealism, anime, and animation, led him to explore a more fantastical approach to his work.

On his photography journey, GlitchOfMind has embarked on different projects creating portraiture and artworks that highlight the black queer community and explore themes of intimacy, self-exploration, and empowerment through his imagery which had led him to have the honor to exhibit in different locations.

As a 3D artist, GlitchOfMind uses a combination of photography, 3D art, and animation to create his artwork. He explores storytelling through themes of self-discovery, with his dreamy cinematic visuals being inspired by his personal experiences.

Since 2021, GlitchOfMind has joined the NFT (crypto art) movement and has had his work exhibited in different countries and galleries, curating and co-curating exhibitions that celebrate and highlight queer artists in the NFT space.

His work mainly consists of a mix of 3D, photography, and experiments with VR Sculpting and AI texture generated for costume designs for his 3D characters.